• Tis The Season For All  Seasons

  • When stepping through the door of Tis the Season For All Seasons in Downtown West Jefferson you can't help but feel a sense of wonder and warm happiness.

    The twinkling white lights on every wall and in every corner, the smell of fresh-cut Christmas trees, the flying elves and smiling Santa's, transport you back in time to relive those warm memories of holidays past spent with loved ones.

    It is a special place, our Tis the Season For All Seasons, located at 14 S. Jefferson Ave., West Jefferson. It is a place where you can find that unique children's gift lovingly crafted by artisans from all over the world. It is a place where you can find decorative items for your home found no where else in the High Country.

    We offer an assortment of Holiday Collectibles including Mark Robert's Fairies & Elves, Ditz Bears &Trees, Gorgeous Ornaments, Nativities, Thymes Fragrance, Santas, Angels, Holiday Decor, Lights, Trees, Candles and much, much more!

    So, when making plans for the holiday season, don't forget to visit Tis the Season for All Seasons to find that unique gift or home decor item.
    After you experience our first class service and see our delightful gifts, and taste our warm cider, we know you'll make us a part of your holiday tradition.

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